17 April 2008

Since Peak Oil is such an important issue with far reaching consequences, you would expect governments around the world to debate the necessary steps to take to mitigate the difficult circumstances that will befall us.

Are we able to use Google to tell which governments have made serious efforts to study the Peak Oil issue?

I used Google to search for the number of occurrences of the term "peak oil" in several government websites where English is the predominant language and here are the results:

United States - 2040
Australia - 1920
New Zealand - 1380
Canada - 1416 (added all "peak oil" occurrences in the provincial websites)
UK - 864
Singapore -2

Of the two times that "peak oil" was mentioned in the Singapore government websites, one was mentioned in a speech by Deputy Prime Minister Professor S Jayakumar in Nov 2006 at an energy conference. The other in the National Library Board as part of a book's title under "New Arrivals".

The Singapore government is aware of peak oil, but why do they seem to be concealing it from the public? Why are there no published government studies made of peak oil's impact on Singapore? Why is there no discussion of this topic in Parliament and our local newspapers?