16 May 2008

In 2007, Minister for National Development, Mah Bow Tan, explained why Singapore needs 6.5 million people:

To grow and create more and better jobs, Singapore must remain open, competitive and relevant to the global market place. In such an economy, we need sufficient people with the right skills and experience. If we cannot get enough from our own people, we must supplement with skilled immigrants. A larger population and greater economic activity will bring about greater buzz, vibrancy and energy, which in turn will attract more people 
and new opportunities.
Obviously, we are still trapped in the growth mindset.

I think he should watch this lecture by professor Bartlett. Anyone who watches this video and continues to believe that population and economic growth can be sustained indefinitely is beyond me. Viewing of this video should be mandatory for all high-level policymakers.

Summary of the video: The greatest shortcoming of the human race is our inability to understand the exponential function.

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